I've never been able to walk past a charity shop, nor resist any artefacts that sum up British culture. When my nan Ida sadly passed away and I had to clear out her bungalow in Morecombe, how could I get rid of those Tretchikoff and Big Eyed Kid prints? Or those poodle toilet roll covers that she knitted as tributes to her poodle ChaCha? It would have been criminal to dispose of those felt Spanish bulls, straw donkeys and Dolls of the World (in their national costumes) and those knitting patterns and cupboard full of out of date mail order catalogues. That brings me onto her "out of date" food in kitchen cupboards... surely they would become collectible one day?

Gerardine sold Ida's wonderful 50s and 60s dancing frocks in Kensington Market to get Red or Dead off the ground. Every football programme, every magazine, every toy has been saved... now its all available (and much much more) at The Land of Lost Content.

The One Show - Wayne Interview