Shop Closures

Two stories about shop closures have saddened me this week. Food for Thought became Londons leading vegetarian restaurant and became the food of choice for all the staff at Red or Deads second Neal St store (Red or Dead was our first brand and...

Festivals Being Gentrified & Pestival


I was asked to take part in a debate at the annual Event Production Show at Kensington Olympia, the premise being that what with posh loos, glamping and VIP areas, festivals are losing touch with their DNA.

My view is clear on this.


Bravery and a Can Do Attitude

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Last week I was tasked with giving a talk on: Bravery and a can do attitude at the Somerset County Councils Staff Awards. The premise being that with all the cutbacks in central government funding, these are hard times for councils.

It is a...