Hemingway Design

HemingwayDesign was founded by Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway in 1981. We focus on affordable and social design, with a core philosophy of aiming to "improve things that matter in life".

We build brands (the iconic label Red or Dead was our first and Vintage is our latest)
We design products from radios to garden sheds.
We are urban designers who specialize in low cost housing set in uplifting environments and who enjoy working on old estates and turning a “sow’s ear into a silk purse”
We are interior designers who can design anything from wallpaper to sofas.
We have 30 years experience in fashion, footwear print, graphics, exhibition and service design
We curate, consult add value and enjoy long term relationships
Our “third eye” enables us to identify solutions from an obtuse angle
We are enterprising, love a challenge, believe in value for money, and are decent folk
We believe that design is for the common good and that design thinking can help to solve most challenges that society faces. 

Vintage by Hemingway

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As collectors and scholars of the history of 20th Century creativity from music, fashion, film, art and design to food we are constantly inspired by this wealth of creativity. Vintage by Hemingway is our tribute to the cultural movements of the 20th Century. From our Vintage inspired product ranges to the magical Vintage Festival, Vintage by Hemingway celebrates the wonderful legacy that has been left to us and reinterprets it for the 21st century.

The Vintage Festival

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In 2007 Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway and the HemingwayDesign team developed a concept of a festival that celebrated the history of British Creativity. Working with a team of researchers from Wolverhampton University they forensically assembled the archives, the experts, the knowledge bases that would enable an authentic celebration of the music, fashion, art, design, film and food of the 20s, 30s ,40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s and be able to look at how these “decades of cool” are influencing today’s world renowned British creative culture.

The concept had its birth in August 2010 on the Sussex Downs. Over 50,000 people came to party, the majority ‘dressed to the nines’. Vintage 2010 dominated the media coverage of summer events and dominated the nominations at the 2010 Festival Awards, walking away with the Best New Festival category. The feedback proved the Hemingway hunch that there is a glaring gap in the summer festival calendar for an annual event the reunites music and fashion and ties in the wider cultural influences.

In 2011 Vintage at Southbank Centre and Royal Festival Hall, helped London celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Festival of Britain and in 2012 provide a two day highlight of the Preston Guild. In July 2013 Vintage Glasgow was a hit in the streets and wonderful civic buildings of Glasgow’s Merchant City. Vintage by The Sea in Morecambe, is helping the art deco Midland Hotel celebrate its 80th anniversary. A Vintage New Year at Southbank Centre has become one of the hottest New Years Eve tickets in the UK. October 2013 sees the launch of Vintage presents A Classic Car Boot Sale.

Festival of Thrift


The first national Festival of Thrift was a FREE fun celebration of everyday living with upcycling, recycling and finding the sassiness in sustainable living!

The Festival of Thrift brought together exciting innovations in technology whilst discovering the magic in vintage items by upcycling and renewing- through to foraging trips with family and friends.

Don’t forget to sign-up for more information and follow us on Twitter @ThriftFest and add us on Facebook

The Festival of Thrift took place at Lingfield Point, Darlington.

The launch of the Festival of Thrift was very timely with the government announcing another £11.5 billion of cuts.

Hemingway Digital


HemingwayDigital is a UK based digital marketing division of the renowned and award-winning Hemingway Design.

HemingwayDigital is a team of creative digital consultants, designers and marketers. We combine strategy and creative thinking for clients large and small. We're a team dedicated to delivering the very best.

We are unique as a team bringing to the table expertise in social communications as well as digital pr and marketing. If it's something we don't do we know who does it well.

We have a passionate and thorough understanding of the creative and digital industries and understand how to communicate that to an audience.

Contact us for more information info@hemingwaydesign.co.uk

Land of Lost Content


Every since Gerardine and Wayne started selling second hand clothes on Camden market in 1981, they have been "collectors". Their collections are prodigious. Much of them are housed in an old market hall in the Shropshire town of Craven House that they share with fellow collector Stella Mitchell, the wonderful Land of Lost Content Museum. The collection, in its entirety, has been digitised at www.lolc.co.uk

Wet Tiles


4Walls / Fake4Walls

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Shack Up


Shack Up is a serious re appraisal of a great British institution; the garden shed



KiosKiosK is our response to the increasing difficulties that start up creative businesses find in getting affordable retail space in prominent retail locations.