It’s not easy for start up creative businesses to find affordable retail spaces in prominent locations. The recent economic downturn and rise in youth unemployment numbers makes it paramount that “start up” entrepreneurial activity, self employment opportunities and stimulating retail experiences are promoted.

Kiosks can offer small, flexible spaces for businesses in the early stage of their development. Councils and landlords can offer them on a short term or long term basis. Kiosks don’t come with the usual barriers to entry, re-tape and restricted use that is associated with retail outlets in prominent locations.

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As part of Wayne Hemingway’s role as a London Leader we came up and delivered the concept of KiosKiosK, an affordable, contemporary, movable retail space. 

Taking inspiration from Wayne and Gerardine’s early days as traders, HemingwayDesign created a small, rent-free pop-up shop which can be readily set up and used to display product simply and easily.

KiosKiosK has given free retail opportunities to dozens of start-ups in prime locations in London and Nottingham. KiosKiosK was also part of the Design Museum’s Super Contemporary Exhibition which celebrated the spirit of London design, past, present and future.


*London Mayor Boris Johnson and Wayne Hemingway at the launch of KiosKiosK

The Design Museum showcased 12 commissions from London’s most dynamic creative’s to explore what it is that attracts the world’s leading designers to study, work and live in the city.