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Shack Up brings multifunctional, joyous thinking to our back yards.ShackUp was established in 2005 by Hemingway Design to bring multifunctional, joyous thinking to our back yards.

ShackUp’s sheds are manufactured in the UK using sustainable timber and they are cool, sturdy beauties!

ShackUp’s unique water butts prove sustainable living doesn’t mean boring, functional design.

With an increase in bicycle ownership, with many of us being collectors and hoarders and importantly with house builders offering homeowners significantly less storage space, the shed is becoming more important than ever. Add to that the desire to hide wheelie bins that seem to be breeding like rabbits in our towns and cities then the time is right for Shack Up... A serious reappraisal of a British institution; The Shed.

Shackup Tridoor
Shackup Sixbifour
Shackup Eightbisix
Shackup Tenbieight
Shackup Porthole

You can now buy the Shack Up range from us direct. We can’t offer a fully automated purchasing system you might get from the big DIY stores but we’ve kept everything a simple as possible and so far it’s working well.

All prices are inclusive of VAT:

Shackup Costs

To order please email: When you confirm the order, we need the following from you:

Your name:
Company name (if applicable):
Delivery address:
Contact number 1:
Contact number 2:
Email address :
Do you require assembly:

Payment is by transfer to our bank account. Once the money has cleared you will be issued with a Delivery Order to confirm everything is ready for delivery. You will then receive a message to confirm your details are correct and you choose a delivery date which is preferable.

We think that’s all clear, but if you need any assistance please contact us here:

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