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    WAYNE HEMINGWAY MBE  Wayne Hemingway was born in 1961 in the typical seaside town, Morecambe. Maybe not the most appropriate surroundings for one of Britain's most acclaimed designers, but then Wayne never has been very appropriate anyway.  Wayne's earliest memories are of his mum and Nan dressing him up as Elvis, a Beatle or Tarzan and being paraded up and down Morecambe pier (evidence available!) or being held aloft in a wrestling ring by his Red Indian father, Billy Two Rivers. These early child-modelling stints went some way towards influencing the youth who was forever experimenting with styles and cultures and reinventing himself whenever the next big "thing" came along... read more
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    GERARDINE HEMINGWAY MBE Born in 1961 in Padiham, Lancashire, like most teenagers in the 70s she took part in the heady cycle that progressed from Disco to New Romantic. Throughout this constant style re-invention Gerardine made clothes for herself. After meeting her future husband, Wayne in Angels Disco in Burnley in 1981, she moved to London in 1982 and with Wayne, set up Red or Dead from stalls on Camden and Kensington Market. Gerardine designed, made and sold her first collection from an 180sq ft space in Kensington Market and within a week of opening received her first order from Macy's, New York. The order successfully delivered (using family who opened a small manufacturing ... read more
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    Jack Hemingway is a 25 year old multi disciplinary senior designer, specialising in product, fashion, graphic, exhibition and event design at HemingwayDesign, the company established by his parents Wayne Hemingway MBE and Gerardine Hemingway MBE. Born during England’s famous 1986 World Cup quarter final defeat to Argentina courtesy of Maradona’s hand of God, a career in football looked a possible when as teenager he signed for Chelsea FC’s Academy. Like his dad, Jack has a lifelong love affair with Blackburn Rovers which culminated in them playing together for Blackburn Rovers XI live on Sky TV in the Premier League All Stars tournament. They were knocked out by bloomin’ Man Utd. After... read more
  • Tilly
    Tilly, born in North West London in 1987, is the second child of Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway Throughout her childhood Tilly was surrounded by design and creative individuals. Evenings after school were frequently spent with her siblings, causing trouble in the Red or Dead offices and family holidays often featured visits to design festivals and architectural expos.  It was inevitable that after such an inspired upbringing, Tilly would develop an eye for design, and after a year travelling at the age of 18 she applied to read Urban Design and Town Planning at University College London. Having graduated from UCL in the summer of 2009, Tilly without delay joined the Hemingway Desi... read more
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    Rita is the only foreigner that made it onto the team, must be doing something right! Originally from Lisbon, Portugal, where she did a Fashion Design degree and then ventured over to London where she had a placement at Hemingway Design over 8 years ago. She worked with Gola footwear throughout the placement plus was also given all sorts of product and graphic design to have a go at and loved every bit! After finishing her course she started working as a part-timer doing some photography, most of the clothes you can see on LOLC (our visual library) were photographed by her. Then was gradually given a few design jobs as the company began growing, started working full time as a Graphic and... read more
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    Emma was born in Blackburn in the North of England. As a young child she was fascinated by archaeology and the charm of unearthing long lost objects. Collecting objects that hold memory have always allured her. Emma developed a love of photography whilst completing an Art and Design course after she left school.  Since then she began her collection of other people’s memories; found photographs, lockets with husband and wife placed at either side, wartime love letters and postcards. The collection keeps on growing as she continues to visit house clearances, car boot sales, searching through charity shops - discovering photographs and letters stashed in suit... read more
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    Digital Marketing - Vintage Festival/Hemingway Design Serena Wilson started in the music business at London Records in 1998. Working with artists such as Goldie, All Saints and the Sugababes, as well as their offshoot label FFRR. With the expansion of the internet in 1999 Serena left London Records to join Way to blue, an internet start up and began promoting acts including Bjork, So Solid Crew, Madonna, Craig David and Travis. In 2002 Serena joined Source Records were she worked with Turin Brakes, Mark B and Blade, Metro Area, Air, Audio Bullies, Simian, Gemma Hayes and Kings of Convenience. Serena then moved on to the Virgin Records roster and worked with the likes of Beenie Man, Ke... read more
  • Kate
    Kate was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1990. She grew up, like most girls born in the 90s, an avid fan of the Spice Girls and happily admits to still knowing all the dance moves to 'Stop'. From an early age Kate loved drawing and always knew she wanted to go to Glasgow School of Art so she could become a famous painter. Well, that or a pop-star. In 2012 she graduated from GSA with a degree in Design (specialising in her favourite subject, Illustration). Her illustration work is inspired by a bygone era, specifically the 1940s and 1950s, which stems from her love of cinema and fashion from that period. In art school Kate also received a distinction for her extended essay about costu... read more
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    Katie is currently the youngest member of the team being born in the Mid-90s. She grew up with the influences of an Ex-Biker of a Dad and an Oriental Mum so it was almost predicted that she’d grow up loving three main things, vintage motors, travelling and of course, oriental food. She carries a strong obsession with rockabilly culture and rock and roll music, but admittedly has a guilty pleasure of 90’s rap, garage, and rhythm and blues. Also, despite having a nervous disposition and a jumpy personality, she’s a massive fan of zombie horror video games, and horror and thriller films (including the appalling ones you find on the Sci-Fi Channel). As a pre-teen she was stuck between two c... read more
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    Sarah, born and raised a Londoner with a strong Irish heritage, started collecting vintage homewares at jumble sales from a young age. This has since developed into a hoarding habit! She is a keen gardener and, despite not always being successful growing her fruit & veg, there is nothing she loves more than making jam or crumble with home grown berries. After studying Art & Design at Central St Martins, she graduated with 1st Class Honours in Three Dimensional Design at Plymouth University.Moving back to London, Sarah became a designer maker of decorative architectural glass, using an eco-friendly slant on the ancient art of Cloisonné. As well as architectural installations, th... read more
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    Leona Thrift-ola started selling second hand clothes and accessories at Portobello market when she moved to London as a teenager. An early adopter of the new wave craft and upcycling scene, her rock'n'roll badge jewellery was featured in the Face, Sleazenation and Nylon. Dreaming of unicorns and rainbows, Leona launched her own pop art jewellery label Lady Luck Rules OK. Shortly after, she opened Superette, a cute boutique in Brick Lane which sold vintage and handmade goodies. Always busy, Leona organised a series of decades themed pop-up tea shoppes, curated burlesque jumble sales and recently launched her new online home - Thrift-ola.com, where she shares her thrifting and crafting ad... read more
  • Petermumford
    Peter was born in 1983 at Oxford and lived in the Cotswold’s up until he left for University at Bournemouth in 2002. He’s always wanted to be a tennis player and he did manage to play for his county. But when turning a teenager this soon changed and now he really regrets it. At Bournemouth University Peter studied Multimedia Communications Systems and graduated with a 2:1. During University he rowed for Bournemouth University Boat Club (BUBC). In 2007 he managed to achieve a seat in the first boat at bow (seat 1), after a lot of rigorous training and close competition with other BUBC oars men. The boat competed at the Henley Royal Regatta event where they managed to get through a round ... read more