Alan Sugar Emigrating?

We are not afraid to speak out and say it like it is

Alan Sugar

Very sad at the moment how decent folk in the public eye are increasingly being vilified in the popular press. I abhor the way Charlotte Church is being treated after she was brave and full of passion for a fairer society on Newsnight – and how much longer are the bulk of the media going to keep demonising Jeremy Corbyn? It’s a form of bullying that hopefully an increasing number of a young generation will see as a reason to get political. The Evening Standard is a great free paper that most Londoners have great respect for, however their twisting of stories to have a go at Corbyn (and Milliband before him) can get tiresome, but this did make me laugh and shows the hypocrisy of it all.

It made me happy in that Alan Sugar is threatening to leave the country if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister. Surely this becomes a primary reason to vote Corbyn?

And how funny is it that the article prints this whilst the major image shows Alan Sugar unveiling luxury flats with Kelly Hoppen at their block in St James which features four apartments for £8million each with a penthouse at £12 million. They each have two or three bedrooms and the penthouse roof terrace has views of St James’s, central London, The Shard and the London Eye. Lord Sugar said he is considering taking the first-floor apartment himself.

Shouldn’t the story be; “Obscenely rich TV tyrant promotes housing for obscenely rich non doms when he could be using his influence and money to help get the first generation to be worse off than their parents some decent housing?”