EU Referendum

We did our bit for the remain in the EU campaign and are still saddened by the result.

I honestly didn’t imagine that the UK would get to a position where it is possible that we pull away from Europe. But this weekend’s polls show the “Leave” campaign 3 percentage points ahead. It makes no sense to me to want to leave something that has helped bind together countries that were at each other’s throats, resulting in millions of deaths during my mum’s youth and during my grandparent’s prime of life. It makes no sense to be “separatist” in an increasingly globalised world. It makes no sense, and to my mind it would be pretty selfish, to want to go against what the vast majority of the youngest half (and thus the future custodians) of our nation are saying.

This weekend’s chart published by YouGov is an eye-opener and surely has enough pointers to make any intelligent “Leavers” think again. 

Blog - EU Referendum

Hey “Leavers”, do you really want to vote with those that are not going to be around to experience the full effects of what “Leave “could bring? Do you really want to vote against those that are going to be around? Do you really want to vote with those who seem to have low political interest, those who agree with divisive unsophisticated threats to Britain and its way of life? And those that support UKIP?

We need fresh ideas to get the young voice heard. How about 16 to 18 year old’s who are going to be affected by this, badgering your parents, your grandparents, your aunties and uncles to use their vote based on your views?

We need the young, the Millennials, the educated, Scots, women, Labour and Lib Dem supporters to come out on polling day and then sense will prevail.