London Olympic Park To Host 'Festival of Cycling' In 2013

"A two-day "festival of cycling" will be the first large-scale event to use the Olympic park when it reopens in 2013 after this year's Games, the London mayor, Boris Johnson, announced on Thursday. The festival will culminate in a 100 mile race for amateurs and world class competitors starting at the Olympic Park that organisers say will be similar to the London Marathon - but for cyclists. Johnson said he wanted to create one of the world's leading cycling events in the capital as part of the legacy of the Games." - The Guardian “Its going to be a fantastic feast of velocipedes. I have been conscripted for the 100 mile ride and I will perform. I will be a chiseled whippet by the end !” - Boris Johnson As a patron of SUSTRANS, and someone who loves cycling in London, but who is peeved that London is still a country mile behind the likes of Copenhagen and Amsterdam in terms of cycling ease and safety. I hope this two day cycling extravaganza on the first weekend of August prompts more investment in enabling cycling to become easier and safer in the capitol. London has not been making fast enough progress for my liking.


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