Sir Peter Blake, a Living Hero

We have been fortunate to work with some creative and cultural icons. Sir Peter Blake is a true gent and good egg, as well as being an artist that will live forever. 

I went to the official opening of Coriander Studios new printworks a couple of weeks and ended up eating with Sir Peter Blake. Every time I meet this chap my respect and love for him grows.

I first met him in 2010 at our first big Vintage Festival when he brought the Peter Blake Art Bus. My abiding memories are of him dancing side stage to Earth Wind & Fire, Kid Creole and the Coconuts and Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. We stayed friends and he worked with the some of the team at HemingwayDesign and produced this for Vintage 2012. I got to know him pretty well and we were asked to do a “In Conversation With” at the V&A

It was at this that I learnt that we shared so much in common in collecting British mass market ephemera and the biggest surprise was that one of his heroes was my father Chief Billy Two Rivers who he used to go and watch wrestling in the 60s! This is one totally “with it” 83 year old. He is at ease with modern day culture as with “vintage culture”. He effortlessly synthesises modern culture to produce unpretentious, accessible yet cool art.

His Dazzle Ship lit up Liverpool during our Transatlantic 175 Festival last summer and continues to make the magnificent Mersey shine.

I love his latest exhibition Portraits and People. It features his recent series of tattooed people and really draws you in.