The Good Business Festival 2020

Good business festival

The world is changing, and business is responding.

The Good Business Festival is part of a global movement that believes in the power of business to effect positive change whilst generating higher returns and ensuring longevity. The days of shareholder supremacy are a thing of the past – it is values and purpose that now powerfully drive profit. This event comes at a pivotal time in the evolution of a new business climate where social and environmental impact are vital measures of success.

We are currently in the process of shaping the programming for The Good Business Festival 2020. What we know is that it will bring together the smartest minds from around the world to make us think big, question our actions, galvanise our ambition and drive positive change in an energetic festival environment.

Over just four days of compelling, thought-provoking and unexpected programming in October 2020, the festival will take over Liverpool for an event which is globally relevant and culturally essential. At the same time as Liverpool Biennial transforms the city into a canvas for contemporary art, The Good Business festival will make Liverpool the global epicentre for good business learning. This will be a place where people and companies of all sectors and sizes come together to develop deeper learning opportunities, form meaningful connections and together advance our understanding of how business purpose leads to profit.

This isn’t a conference. This isn’t world leaders flying into Davos on private jets to discuss how to save the world over dinner. This isn’t about a cursory glance over CSR policy, about being a do-gooder, or about greenwashing. This is an event for anyone working to make their business more successful in the new mainstream where already informed consumers are demanding to know more about where their money is going. Our target audience is global and incredibly diverse – from CEOs and policymakers to students and fledgling startups. The atmosphere will be busy, exciting, vibrant, with events taking place in interesting spaces across the city over the four day programme in October 2020.

What do you think? We're interested to hear your ideas. Should you or your business be involved? Is there some content we absolutely have to have, or a brilliant speaker we need to get on board? We're all ears.

Tell us what you think at, subscribe for updates about the festival here and spread the word - we believe this event really has the potential to drive positive change, and for that we need the power of as many people as possible.

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