HemingwayDesign & Cooneen

In Cooneen and HemingwayDesign we genuinely believe that the uniform industry has at last got a team that delivers on design and manufacturing excellence. In addition to Cooneen’s superb logistics and their ability to deliver high quality items, HemingwayDesign provides high quality, world renowned design. We have both tested our relationship with a demanding and 20,000 strong workforce at Transport for London and we are passing with flying colours and getting on famously.

Uniform design needs to firstly match if not exceed the requirements of a client, both in promoting their brand identity and values, and clothing their staff in garments they feel proud and happy to wear. However design needs to seamlessly integrate with production and supply, where one cannot exist without the other. The reality is this is rarely evident in uniforms seen in retail and commercial organisations. Why? Because rarely do these elements work together from the outset. But when they do, the results are amazing, eye-catching and innovative. It is this which Cooneen & HemingwayDesign bring to projects.

Together we bring our clients:

  • Great design
  • Staff Engagement
  • Quality Garments
  • Increased Staff Morale
  • Customer Collaboration
  • 360 Managed Service
  • Innovation
  • Global Supply Chain – Ethically Sourced
  • Customer Satisfaction

“The HemingwayDesign team have been total professionals since the inception of the project to create a new uniform for London Buses, and latterly London Underground and the wider organization. The HemingwayDesign team took a great deal of personal pride, and time / patience to engage with a large percentage of our staff – as well as in depth discussions an negotiations with Unions. The employee engagement exercise undertaken by them resulted in a 75% plus awareness of the project with all staff, with a daily blog set up to keep everyone up to speed with developments. HemingwayDesign were very focused on the final outcome, whilst being sufficiently pragmatic to allow the final designs to flex and alter course to ensure the staff would wear them with pride as opposed mandated terms and conditions. I would not hesitate to recommend HemingwayDesign to any other organisations seeking to engage in this very complex arena.” - Jon Hunter Head of Design TFL (Transport for London)

“Cooneen have brought the TFL uniforms by HemingwayDesign to life in a way we could only have hoped was possible. Their faithfulness in remaining true to the integrity of the designs, and the incredible attention to detail in the finished garment, has produced fantastic quality garments that our staff are proud to wear. They have expedited rollout of the uniform to our strict timelines, across our diverse network of sites, faultlessly, supporting us throughout with exceptional customer service, ensuring all aspects of the uniform managed services they provide us with are well communicated, organised and fulfilled at all times. The success of this has led to other modes of transport in our network now up taking a bespoke variation of the original uniform, which remains consistent and true to the HemingwayDesign, meaning we will now have a unified and coherent uniform across all our businesses, and all supported by Cooneen’s Account Management team.” - Jodie Laver, Commercial Manager, Transport for London

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