Shack Up

Shack Up

As design thinkers, we’re always analysing product norms to see if, well, we could do it better. A great example of this is our ShackUp range of sheds and water butts. 

ShackUp was established in 2005 to bring multi-functional, joyous thinking to our gardens. The shed was our first item on the agenda; with many of us being collectors (and hoarders), and modern housing offering less and less storage, outside space is becoming more important than ever – and it shouldn’t be designed as an afterthought. Enter: ShackUp and our range of sustainable, British-made sheds, which meld thoughtful design with practicality and affordability.

Gerardine Hemingway is the mastermind behind ShackUp’s water butts, and they just go to show how a boring, purely functional item can – with a dash of design ingenuity and a sprinkle of  humour – be completely re-imagined.

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