Liverpool - Anfield Project and Welsh Streets Project

HemingwayDesign have created a brand and a vision for the neighbourhood of Anfield, in Liverpool.  The area is being reborn through an ambitious regeneration scheme which offers unique opportunities as a place to live ,work and play .

Anfield is an Opportunity

A new High Street, right next to Liverpool Football Club’s world famous stadium, is being developed along with a new streetscape and new, high quality public realm. There will be new retail space and opportunities for hospitality and food and drink operators. There will also be new working space for small enterprises interested in being based close to the stadium. . There are plans for a new 150  bed hotel and new commercial premises are on track to be built in the next three years.

 “Hundreds of new families have moved into Anfield in the last decade thanks to our house-building programme and this new, emerging community deserves a vibrant and successful High Street.  The partners’ vision is now seeing this aspiration become a reality.”  -Your Housing Group

All this followed on from our work in 2014 in Liverpool’s Welsh Streets where we worked on the first stages of the  regeneration of the Welsh Streets in Liverpool.

And a nice quote from the person in charge of the project

“Working with the very talented Tilly Hemingway was a real morale boost, and helped show us  that a more creative future was possible.  Of course we're only really rescuing a few jewels from a giant policy ship wreck.  It's not perfect, but it is still a miracle. We'd like to hope it means the same mistakes are never repeated"

Jonathan Brown MA, MCD, MRTPI

Director: Share the City

Read our vision for Anfield HERE

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