In collaboration with Beano publishers DC Thomson and Southbank Centre, we created Beanotown, a riotous installation, exhibition, club, library, cafe and arcade all rolled into one charting the comic's 75-year history.

There were opportunities to discover the story of The Beano since 1938 (with precious archival treasures on display for the first time); swot up at the Ultimate Prank Academy; tuck into a slap-up feed with a personalised Beano toastie (including jam and cheese and pickle and Marmite), shark infested custard and rice crispie cakes with added snap, crackle and poop; re-read your favourite annual ever in The Beanotown Library of Laughs; grab a piece of Beano history in the special shop with exclusive new products; and snap yourself, dressed as your favourite character, in the Beanotown photo booth; enjoy a game Table Dennis (Beano customised table tennis!); fire plastic missiles at inappropriately suitable targets - "Imagine this is your teacher's bum”.

It was an incredible success, and as a design team, we couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more. The Guardian ran not one, but two wonderful pieces on the event, which you can read here and here.

“Beanotown has an appropriately riotous atmosphere while still being full of things to create and study. The Beano's imaginary world of menaces, minxes and dodgers has been part of British youth culture since there was any such thing, and it fully deserves its retrospective among the greats of the arts at the Southbank Centre. The good news is that Beanotown is done really, really well.” - Jonathan Jones, Guardian

“Within an hour of opening, it was overrun with children reading the comics, looking with bewildered concern at the man dressed as Dennis, or trying to work out where the fart noise comes from when you walk through the main door.” - Mark Brown, Guardian

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