Protected: The Bridge

Our plan for The Bridge, Dartford, was to design a multi-use business and innovation park with over 1500 new homes, set inside 80 acres of green open space, to nurture knowledge-based industries and create a bustling community feel. To check out its progress, visit The Bridge’s website or watch our video, where you can see the housing from the ground-up, including the pocket parks and our much-loved wonky bollards!

But first, a word from Wayne:

“We are very proud of the vision behind The Bridge, Dartford but can’t vouch for how it is being built out because, as with so many developments, the developer didn’t keep on the designers behind the good thinking to police the build out. We pop back occasionally though, and it does seem like the majority of the principles are being upheld!”

‘Congratulations and a huge thank you for your collaborative design vision in the regeneration of the Thames Gateway in Dartford where a derelict wasteland is now a thriving sustainable Community ‘The Bridge’ development continues to grow and is always a joy to visit for inspiration’ – Clare Bowman, Architect & Sustainability Advisor at RCZM Environmental Design Consultants & Co Founder of The Hampshire Flower Studio