6 kitchens, bar and event space at the heart of the Design District.
Design District
Type: Brand Identity
Date: 2023

In 2023 we were commissioned to deliver a visual identity and tone of voice refresh for Canteen Food Hall located on the Greenwich Peninsula in North Greenwich.

The client required a refreshed visual identity and tone of voice that reflected the desire for Canteen to be recognised as a standalone food, drinks and events venue located in Design District, and crucially attract O2 event day visitors.

This approach reflected a significant shift in positioning and a desire to able to communicate with both a diverse (The O2) and specific target audience (Design District based creative businesses) in a more distinctive manner.

The tone of voice aimed to emphasise the independence of Canteen’s traders, as a counter to the multiples located within The O2, whilst positioning it as a destination for fun above all.

The playful visual language represents the fun and vibrancy of the Canteen building’s cloud-like built form – a memorable aspect of the building and experience. The curvaceous caterpillar-like architectural exterior informs the unashamedly rounded type, paired with a vibrant and high contrast palette creates a bold and recognisable wordmark.

The primary typesetting, Pantograph, embodies the qualities of the building and offer – fun, confident, and accessible. It gives the identity a warm and friendly appearance that aims to attract customers of every walk of life. A family of five widths and weights give the visual language flexibility and help create hierarchy in a variety of applications and editorial layouts.

The cornerstone of the brand identity is a small collection of versatile cloud-like graphic shapes that create frames and enclosures that can be used as a container for a variety of visuals – revealing some but not all the detail – encouraging guests, audiences, and participants to “come in”.

The shapes are designed to become a signifier for Canteen – creating recognition by association and combined with typography and photography allow for greater personality and flexibility to construct and communicate a stronger brand identity.