Housing Solutions
Type: Housing, Regeneration, Urban Design & Visioning
Date: 2006-2015

Evenlode, is the type of social housing which, when there is a lack of creative vision, is unceremoniously and unnecessarily pulled down across Britain.

After visiting this 1970s estate in Maidenhead, Berkshire in 2006 it was clear that this development, with its generously sized homes and underutilised green space didn’t need flattening to enable a sustainable, cost-effective regeneration.

In 2008, the right decision was made to remodel, rather than rebuild, and an 18-month process of public consultation and design thinking began. Following this, architects Hunters joined the team. In January 2011, the scheme received planning permission from Maidenhead County Council.

The project completed in mid-2015. The result incorporates simple and common-sense solutions – introducing streets in the true sense of the word, breaking up the monotony, introducing variety, adding privacy, and making the green spaces sing – but they’re design values which people respond to, and have the power to transform a forlorn estate into a thriving community.