Festival of The World Museum

After our sterling job with The Museum of 51 at Southbank Centre in 2011, we were asked back to design and co-curate the Festival of The World Museum, which sought to demonstrate how art is a global force for change.

Read on for Southbank Centre's synopsis of the event, or click here for more info.

“Located at Spirit Level on Level 1 of Royal Festival Hall is the Festival of the World Museum, built especially for Southbank Centre. As visitors arrive, they are invited to choose their own entrance and take their own route through arches made of earth, a talking circle, and a cinema built from empty plastic bottles. They can explore and experience different artworks, colours and sounds which lead them to an idealised Passport Office created by Studio Orta. At this office, individuals can sign up to become a citizen of the world and each person receives a free Antarctica World passport, becoming part of a growing global community. Designed by Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway and the HemingwayDesign team, the Museum introduces the ideas about art for social change which underpin the Festival of the World. It introduces educationalists and thinkers such as Pierre de Coubertin, Montessori, the Macmillan sisters and Toynbee and it offers insights into projects from around the world where art has changed people’s lives. The Museum also tells the stories of the outdoor artworks that are on display throughout the festival and explains how they were made.”

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