HemingwayDesign x Graham & Brown

We first joined forces with Britain’s largest wallpaper company, Blackburn-based manufacturers Graham & Brown, almost two decades ago, and we’ve been designing wallpaper collections for them ever since.
Graham & Brown
Type: Product Design
Date: 2000 - present

Designing wallpapers for Graham & Brown was one of the first things we did after Wayne and Gerra sold Red or Dead at the tail end of the 90s. We had always been big on print with our fashion label so it was natural to transfer those skills to interiors. It was also great to be working with a family business from our beloved Blackburn. Over 20 years on the Graham & Brown and HemingwayDesign relationship is still going strong, with our most recent collection including patterns inspired by terrazzo and simple hand-drawn dots. Those with a keen eye might even have spotted one of our mid-century style wallpapers used in the sets for Netflix’s 1950s drama The Queen’s Gambit!

View the current collection here.