HemingwayDesign and Garden Villages

carlisle map

In 2008 Wayne Hemingway was elected onto the newly formed Eco Towns Panel and subsequently wrote these musings:  Wayne Mouths Off About Eco Towns and More on Eco Homes.

A change of government, subsequent austerity and some relatively fallow years of house-building led to the 'Eco Town' movement gaining little or no traction, but perhaps nascent Garden Village projects around the UK are the legacy of the Eco Town thinking.

The delivery of Garden Villages has been quite a while coming but we are happy to be part of the 'movement'.  We played a lead role by creating a vision document that has helped to secure the allocation in the local plan for Handforth Garden Village extension in Cheshire.  We are currently working on the proposals for St Cuthbert’s Garden Village in Carlisle and on the proposals for a garden village in South Gloucestershire .

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