Institute of Directors

This particular project came about in a rather unorthodox way. For the full scoop, let us hand you over to Wayne, our founder:

“I'd like to tell you a story. After years of receiving letters inviting me to join the Institute of Directors of Pall Mall, all of which were tossed into the recycling bin (aren't we worthy?), I was invited to a meeting there by a client. Arriving in a sensible three-button jacket and coordinated trousers, an unfriendly doorman turned me away. His reason? I was not wearing proper business attire. I couldn't even persuade the numbskull that my Clarks walking shoes weren't trainers!

“Fuming, I studied the dress code rules. Then I had an idea... I rang Channel 4's Big Breakfast and got them to send a TV crew with hidden cameras and microphones. While I got wired up, I pointed their wardrobe lady in the direction of M&S to select a rule-abiding ensemble. She did not disappoint. Freshly (re)dressed, I headed back to reception and caused some serious consternation. After much debate amongst IoD's senior honchos, they had no choice but to let me in my pinstripe business suit, complete with knee length skirt, sensible court shoes and blouse! The story was broadcast the next day, and shortly after, the boss of The IoD called me in for a meeting. A year later, HemingwayDesign's modern, relaxed, dress-code-free IoD facility at 123 Pall Mall was opened by Tony Blair. It's a roaring success and we even won an award at The Design Week awards in 2002!”

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