Land of Lost Content

The Land of Lost Content is an independent museum containing Britain’s foremost collection of pop culture ephemera, obscure objects and ordinary things from the pre-digital era.  Belonging to eccentric artist and compulsive obsessive collector Stella Mitchell and collectors of design history, the Hemingway family, the Land of Lost Content is used as HemingwayDesign’s personal design archive.

The LOLC website is the world’s largest archive of 20th century popular culture with over 500,000 images from every area of design, providing detailed historical, social and artistic background information which can be used within design work or for contextual studies.

About the owner, Stella Mitchell

'This museum is the result of a lifetime’s work.  I realised when a student that other museums were ignoring the lives, experiences and possessions (and the hopes and dreams) of the ‘ordinary’ people of Britain.  I was always fired with the desire to right this wrong; and fuelled with the artistic need to create something of merit that might just knock a few peoples socks off! 

My husband Dave and I opened our first museum to the public in 1991 – we have run it on a web of shoestrings ever since – no sign of funding (but we didn’t look for it too hard).  99% of the collection has been chosen by me over about 45 years and increases daily – and the displays are reconfigured and updated annually.

Not everything is or can be displayed. apart from lots of extra exhibits, there are also collections of ‘undisplayables’ – Scrapbooks, Song sheets, Magazines, Posters, Programmes, Postcards, Tickets, Catalogues, Pamphlets, Brochures, Adverts and Records.'

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