The Perth Vennels Project

The City of Perth in Scotland has a cornucopia of evocatively named vennels:

  • Cutlog Vennel
  • Water Vennel
  • Flesher's Vennel
  • Meal Vennel (Ghost Vennel)
  • Cow Vennel
  • Baxter's Vennel
  • Oliphant's Vennel
  • Guards Vennel

We created a concept to bring all the Perth vennels to life and for them to become artistic and cultural arteries that link the main public thoroughfares of the city and provide enticing spaces for an independent spirit to thrive. 

We are now leading on the design ( in collaboration with Perth based architects Fergus Purdie  ) of the first part of the Perth Vennels Project , Guard Vennel and Guard Vennel Public  Events space . This is a very interesting , impactful urban realm design project and will have some outcomes that should prove scalable across the city and wider  .

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