A Place Brand for Thamesmead

We were appointed in October 2017 by Peabody to create a strong and effective place brand for Thamesmead which communicates Peabody’s vision  for London's new town. The brief is right up our street!
Amongst other things we are charged with 

  1. Changing perceptions of Thamesmead: there is a discrepancy between perceptions of Thamesmead by those who live there, those in neighbouring communities, and the rest of London.
  2. Instilling confidence and excitement: There is a history of unfulfilled promises and slow progress in Thamesmead but now things are happening.
  3. Increasing recognition of and curiosity in Thamesmead: Many don’t know where Thamesmead is or what it has to offer.

What the client said:

“HemingwayDesign have worked extensively with local groups to really understand Thamesmead and help us develop a placebrand that represents the town and the people who live and work here.  They have managed to capture the spirit of the area in a way that should also resonate with people from outside of Thamesmead encouraging them to take a positive look at the many changes happening now.

Hemingway’s community driven approach is impressive.  To create a brand which is well designed, accessible and meaningful for local communities, future residents and stakeholders is a real skill.  HemingwayDesign have achieved this for us and we are really pleased with the results”.

John Lewis, Executive Director Thamesmead, Peabody.


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