Scarborough Harbour

HemingwayDesign were appointed by Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) to undertake a vision and feasibility study identifying regeneration opportunities within Scarborough Harbour. The study aims to preserve and enhance the economic opportunities for the working port at the same time as unlocking growth opportunities from the growing demand for experiential tourism.
Scarborough Borough Council
Type: Regeneration, Urban Design & Visioning
Date: 2019-2021

Scarborough Harbour is a working port with the second largest shellfish fishery on the East coast as well as being a key tourist destination for the town, so the aim of the project is to find a way for these two industries not just to co-exist but to benefit each other and the wider town.

Following an engagement process, learning from the harbour’s workers and the project’s key stakeholders, the vision focuses on integrating the working areas of the harbour with the public desire to explore and enjoy the West Pier as an experiential tourist attraction, whilst ensuring that the working harbour activities remain at the core of any new proposals.