Social Work England

Often misunderstood, always invaluable. A challenge to create a brand worthy of the work its people do
Social Work England
Type: Brand Identity
Date: 2018

A brand and visual identity for a new organisation that deserves to lose its previous negative public associations.

The key challenge with creating a brand for Social Work England was that their critical audience are service users – not customers. At the start of the project, Social Work England were clear that they wanted to co-create an identity with everyone who has an interest in social work including professionals and people who need their support. Through an online survey and focus groups, we constructed an evidence base from which we could attempt to unpick and understand the complexity of the space in which Social Work England operates. This collaborative approach meant addressing some fundamental questions about Social Work England’s role, challenging their thinking, and going beyond simply creating a logo and some colour options.


Throughout the process, we constantly wrestled with language to ensure that this work went beyond cliché marketing rhetoric and put this process of insight and learning at its core. Once the brand values were established, we worked on the creative direction to translate these into a visual narrative. Three options were presented to the client and refined through workshops in a co-design process. We have created a flexible, functional and distinguishable identity with a look and feel that is uncharacteristic for a government agency. Vivid colours, bold and friendly typography, lively illustration, animations and set of unique icons all work in harmony to help communicate Social Work England’s specialist role and new approach. Flexible line drawings reflect the space social work occupies in society – overlapping and shifting; sometimes in unpredictable ways.