Transport for London Uniform

In 2015 we completed the design of a new uniform for Transport for London - the first update of the uniform in over a decade.
Transport for London
Type: Uniform Design
Date: 2014

Captured by Nina Manandhar

The uniforms were designed and made with durability, sustainability and attention to detail in mind – celebrating the TFL’s heritage but introducing new staff clothing for the future.

A concerted effort was made to ensure London Underground (LU) staff were involved in every step of the design process, through staff websites, workshops, and design sessions. The feedback from staff ensured that the uniform was designed to truly reflect the diversity of London and the LU workforce.

The designs employ the famous LU logo or ‘Roundel’ – which is in the top 10 most recognised brand icons in the world – in several ways, appearing on pockets, jacket cuffs, zip pulls, as well as being embroidered into the uniform.

By working closely with the Uniform Consultative Committee, The Uniform Reference Group, Trade Unions and uniform wearing LU staff, we delivered a practical, fit for purpose uniform that is recognisable and modern, whilst reflecting London TFL’s rich 150 year history.

We made a concerted effort to involve LU staff at every step of the way via online platforms, (we designed live on multiple occasions allowing the TFL wearers to input), workshops and ‘meet the designers’ sessions. 16,000 TFL team members played a role/commented, making this what we believe to be the largest co-created uniform ever! This has ensured that, for the very first time, the uniform has been designed to truly reflect the diversity of London and the LU workforce; not only do the staff have a choice of various mix and match options and a uniform that they are proud to wear, but they enjoy the knowledge that the design is so ‘fitting’ because they were consulted as part of the team.

If you excuse the pun, it was quite a ‘journey’, and possibly the most intense and scrutinised design project we have ever undertaken – taking user engagement to a new level!

You can hear Wayne Hemingway talking about the process on the TFL160 podcast here.

“The HemingwayDesign team have been total professionals since the inception of the project to create a new uniform for London Buses, and latterly London Underground and the wider organisation. The HemingwayDesign team took a great deal of personal pride, and time / patience to engage with a large percentage of our staff – as well as in depth discussions and negotiations with Unions. I would not hesitate to recommend HemingwayDesign to any other organisations seeking to engage in this very complex arena.”

 Jon Hunter Head of Design TFL

“I think the design pays great respect to our heritage, whilst dragging us into the present, these designs look very stylish, and should add to our great reputation.”

Mal, TFL staff member