The Seam

A new brand for Barnsley's digital campus.
Barnsley Council
Type: Brand Identity
Date: 2019-2020

In 2019, we won the bid to design a brand and name for Barnsley’s digital media buildings: DMC, and the evolving wider campus. DMC is a place for people and businesses on a path to success. With a big range of opportunities in education, skills, training, retraining and digital development, this is the place that will help businesses get to their next stage. This is a place that engineers opportunities for growth – whatever is needed to further people or their business, the DMC can open doors, provide support and be a nurturing environment. For the wider campus, HemingwayDesign produced a strong shortlist of names – all with an emphasis on place. The Seam was chosen because the site is above a coal seam and the campus “mines” creativity.


The Seam’s visual identity comprises a bespoke new typeface called ‘The Seam’ created by HemingwayDesign using a modular system to give a distinctly digital look. This strong typographical approach has been paired with a vivid palette to create a trailblazing identity for the digital campus. The new typeface fits in with Barnsley’s trailblazing ambitions. Having a typeface that’s tailor-made for this place, this time and this community sends a strong message every time it’s used. The Seam’s branding also translates into a new look for the two flagship Digital Media Centres within its campus. This gives DMC a refresh and brings all elements of the business community together with a clear, collective sense of place and purpose.

We’re passionate about great design in Barnsley and hopefully we demonstrate that in our buildings and our new brand that represents the creativity and innovation in our business community

Tracey Johnson, DMC Manager