Transport For London

Following our great success with redesigning McDonald's uniform in 2012, we've done the same for Transport For London, and boy were we happy to have secured this project! By working closely with the Uniform Consultative Committee, The Uniform Reference Group, Trade Unions and uniform wearing LU staff, we have delivered a practical, fit for purpose uniform that is recognisable and modern, whilst reflecting London TFL’s rich 150 year history.

See the wearer trials (including the début of our 'fleecington') for yourself on the BBC, The Guardian and ITV, and read our latest press release here.

If you excuse the pun, this has been quite a ‘journey’, and possibly the most intense and scrutinised design project we have ever undertaken – it took user engagement to a new level! Read more on our blog here.

Here is what the client, Jon Hunter, Head of Design at TFL says in an interview. 

"My husband who is an Underground train driver has just come home from his shift and the first thing out of his mouth is how delighted he is with his new uniform. He ordered quite a few items and loves the design elements and also the choice of fabric: 'light yet warm'; smart, stylish, feels good' is the common theme in our conversation. Great job - THANKS!" - Lisa and Rog

"Credit to LU for getting a top British designer to make uniforms as in my opinion every piece looks sharp, unique and well designed. I like how the uniforms are turning out from when I first saw the designs – seems the feedback has been taken into account and uniforms styled with what staff want" -Ibby

"I think the design pays great respect to our heritage, whilst dragging us into the present, these designs look very stylish, and should add to our great reputation." -Mal


The TFL uniform and its launch featured heavily in a TV series The Tube Going Underground!

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