Tropicana, Weston-super-Mare

In summer 2016 Dismaland brought Weston-super-Mare and Tropicana to the attention of a worldwide audience. At HemingwayDesign we didn’t need our arms forced up our backs to get involved in helping to create a vision for Tropicana’s future. We led a gathering of creative minds at Tropicana on 9th March 2016 to discuss possibilities for Tropicana’s future uses. Over 100 creative thinkers turned up from Weston-super-Mare, Bristol and points south. There were senior representatives from the festivals and events industries, senior folk from the arts and creative industries including theatre producers, practicing artists, musicians, designers and representatives from regional arts and cultural bodies as well as representatives from local government. The discussions were lively and productive and it became immediately clear that there is a love for Tropicana and no shortage of ideas.

A Tropicana possibilities document was produced which is a concise overview of what was discussed. The discussion is now being widened and the aim in the short term  is to gather comments and ideas to then create a deliverable vision for Tropicana and to move onto implementing the vision.

The Tropicana Futures website is now live - share your thoughts! 


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