Santa's Sustainable Workshops at SAMPLE Christmas 2019

Every year we produce about 3% more waste than the year before. This might not sound like much but, if we carry on at this rate, it means that we will double the amount of waste we produce every 25 years. So we urge you to come and help Santa reduce waste this Christmas by making your own Christmas presents, cards and wrapping paper, to take home ready for gifting. Our workshops are fun, free and fabulous. We look forward seeing you there.


wrappingWrapping Up

In our ‘Wrapping up’ workshop, we will re-use newspaper by over print- ing it with christmassy images, using potato cut stamps and non toxic paint. Take your potato stamp home to continue your good work. Each Christmas as much as 83 square kilometers of wrapping paper ends up in UK rubbish bins, enough to cover an area larger than Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands. 

goodnewsGood News

From as far back as I remember, at the beginning of December each year, my mother would get us all folding up newspaper and cutting Christmas themed ‘lace’ patterns into them. We would Sellotape them vertically from the ceiling. It would transform the house into a Christmassy wonderland. Paper and card make up about a fifth of the typical household dust- bin. About half of this consists of newspapers and magazines. 

crownCrowning Glory

....and not forgetting that we all love to wear a crown....

pipsPips and Cuttings

With the popularity of smashed avocado sandwiches comes an endless supply of pips. Our Pips & Cuttings workshops will teach you how to use these pips to grow your own avocado tree in a jar & how to grow plants from cuttings.

treeplantTree Planting

Don’t kill a tree this Christmas..... plant one! Re-use old tin food cans to pot, decorate and make into a special gift.

chalkpotChalk Board Pot

....or get practical and paint a pot with chalk board paint so you can write a special message on it .... or simply write ‘what’s in the pot’

xmastagCrafty Cards and Tags

Make Christmas cards & gift tags from reclaimed box card, potato stamps, non toxic paint, hemp string, scrap fabrics, yarn, paper etc. It has been estimated that up to 80% of the contents of our dustbins could be easily recycled. 

dec treeDec' the Tree

Use foraged pinecones, acorns , drift wood, twigs & foliage to create waste free Christmas decorations. The average household in the UK produces more than a tonne of waste every year. Put together, this comes to a total of 31 million tonnes per year, equivalent to the weight of three and a half million double-decker buses, a queue of which would go around the world two and a half times.

sackSacks and Stockings

Personalise hessian sacks and stockings made from re-claim fabrics, trims, haberdashery & other bits and Santa knows who’s who.


Re-use jars and bottles by turning them into fabulous Christmas presents. JARRING FACT: It is not known how long glass takes to break down, but it is so long that glass made in the Middle East over 3,000 years ago can still be found today.

glassvaseGlass Vase

....or decorate a bottle to give it a new life as a vase or diffuser.

keep cupKeep Cup

Personalise a jam jar keep cup by decorating it with porceleine pens or knitting it a cardigan from hemp string, to protect your hands when you drink hot beverages.


Building materials from construction sites are often over ordered by as much as 10% & the excess is thrown away. Rescue tiles from the dump by decorating them. Turn them into beautiful coasters. Cook your coasters for 25 minutes and they will be sealed for life.


....or decorate wood off-cuts and turn them into Chrismas tree decorations

brickBricking It

....or why not decorate a brick. As each of my children headed off to university, I packed them a fabric covered brick to prop open the door in their ‘halls.’ That meant ‘passers by’ felt welcome to introduce themselves,making the first weeks more bearable. Now those passers by are best friends. You can paint a brick or cover it in scrap fabric. Turn it into a bookend or a doorstop. You can create the ultimate practical present. A real friend maker.

sockSock Monsters

Re-work odd or holey socks into cute monsters to adore or gift.

beanbagBean Bags

Make bean bags from scrap fabrics and practise juggling. Be ambitious and expect to juggle up to 3 at once. Bean bags also make great markers for all kinds of games.

eyepillowEye Pillows

Lavender filled eye pillows are the ultimate luxury. Anyone who suffers from insomnia will love you forever if you make them one of these. The mix of the lavender scent and the wieght of the pillow on the eyes will have anyone nodding off in no time at all. Originally designed for use in yoga, there is no gift more relaxing.