St Cuthbert’s Garden Village, Carlisle

Gillespies and Hemingway Design to help shape a Garden Village Vision for Carlisle

Carlisle City Council and their partners have aspirations to deliver a new 10,000 home ‘garden village’ south of the city as part of their ambitious housing and development growth agenda. St Cuthbert’s Garden Village is an ambitious proposal that could include the development of up to 10,000 new homes, new employment opportunities, community facilities and a new southern link road.

The Cumbrian district council has commissioned a multi-disciplinary team led by masterplanners Gillespies, working closely with HemingwayDesign, to develop an ambitious vision and concept for the St Cuthbert’s area. The broader team includes WYG and property developers LSH focusing on transport and viability, respectively.

Innovation, quality and local distinctiveness are at the heart of the design process, supported by creative engagement with the local community and potential new residents, as well as a comprehensive online social media campaign to generate a buzz around the area’s future.

CLICK HERE for the story so far.

Wayne Hemingway said:  “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Carlisle to make its mark when it comes to creating much needed new homes and infrastructure. Recent history has shown that it will take real vision and an intelligent Herculean effort from a team of brilliant, diligent designers, place-makers, local and regional stakeholders who involve and represent the best interests of the community.”

It is also one of only two Garden Villages north of Manchester and easily amongst the most ambitious development projects being actively progressed within the north of England.  St. Cuthbert’s is a long term project, the planning of which will take several years and the subsequent delivery of which will span several decades.

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