HemingwayDesign is a multi disciplinary design agency led by two generations of the Hemingway family and a wider team of talented designers.

HemingwayDesign was founded by Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway in 1981 and focuses on affordable and social design, with a core philosophy of aiming to 'improve things that matter in life.'

HD builds brands (the iconic label Red or Dead was our first and Vintage is our latest.)

HD design products from radios to garden sheds.

HD are urban designers who specialize in low cost housing set in uplifting environments and who enjoy working on old estates and turning a 'sow’s ear into a silk purse'.

HD are interior designers who can design anything from wallpaper to sofas.

HD have 30 years experience in fashion, footwear print, graphics, exhibition and service design.

HD curate, consult add value and enjoy long term relationships.

HD’s "third eye" enables us to identify solutions from an obtuse angle.

HD are enterprising, love a challenge, believe in value for money, are insightful and practical and are decent folk.

HD love collaborating, are results focused, and we deliver.

HD are experts at marketing and enhancing brands by great design and intelligent promotion that grabs people’s attention.

HD are at the frontier of social, community and digital communications via their HemingwayDigital arm.

HD believes that design is for the common good and that design thinking can help to solve most challenges that society faces.

HD Design for; John Lewis, G Plan, Hush Puppies, Taylor Wimpey Homes, Crown Paints, Graham & Brown, Sky TV, Sainsbury’s, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Nissan, DC Thompson, Freebridge Community Housing, Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust, British Ceramic Tiles...

From their origins on Camden and Kensington Market in the early 80s Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway built Red or Dead into a label that received global acclaim resulting in winning the prestigious British Fashion Council's Streetstyle Designer of the Year Award for an unprecedented 3 consecutive years in 1996, 1997 and 1998.

After 21 consecutive seasons on the catwalk at London Fashion Week, Wayne and Gerardine sold Red or Dead in a multi million cash sale.

In 1999, having sold Red or Dead they set up HemingwayDesign Their first major project was The Staiths South Bank, a 800 property mass market housing project on Tyneside for Taylor Wimpey Homes where HemingwayDesign are involved from the master planning, the architecture through to the landscaping and marketing of this groundbreaking project. Over 500 homes are now lived in and The Staiths has won a series of high profile awards including Housing Design Awards (best large project) and Building Magazine's "Best Housing-Led Regeneration Project" as well as a Building For Life and the highest rating of any large scale scheme in the CABE National Housing audit.

HD have worked with West Lancashire Council and English Partnerships on a 12 month project to create a new vision and then a masterplan for 60's new town Skelmersdale.Working with Copeland Borough Council and the North West Development Agency, HemingwayDesign worked on a vision for Whitehaven.

HemingwayDesign's other projects have included the highly acclaimed new club for the Institute of Directors on Pall Mall, IOD at 123 consultancies, The 4 Walls range of wall coverings for Graham and Brown, Technology, "Wet", a tile range for British Ceramic Tiles and product , packaging and graphic design. (Current and recent clients include Coca Cola, John Lewis Partnership, B&Q, Sainsbury's, Sky TV, Sony, The Royal Mail, CafeDirect, Hush Puppies, Antler, G Plan and The Caravan Club). A range of sustainable sheds and water butts (what are they shaped like? You guessed it - bottoms!!) can be viewed at www.shackup.co.uk 

2009 saw some great initiatives launched. The "Starter for Ten" programme in Gateshead is "doing the right thing" for creative start ups, and the KioskiosK creative kiosk concept has launched in conjunction with the Design Museum's Super Contemporary Exhibition and the London Leaders programme (www.londonsdc.org).

The Window Of Opportunity garden exhibit at Chelsea Flower Show 2009 won a silver medal and HemingwayDesign has led one of the most quirky regeneration projects in the UK. The venture with Bournemouth Council won the UKs Best Regeneration Scheme at the LGC Awards in 2010, the Boscombe Overstrand.

Wayne and his son Jack turned The Tate into a silent disco and Jack leads the collaboration with Hush Puppies, whilst the eldest Hemingway daughter Tilly leads the collaboration with G Plan.

Wayne and the team put on a major new cultural event in August 2010, the wonderful Vintage Festival. Full explanation about this celebration of music, fashion, film, art, design and food at www.vintagefestival.co.uk

Did this change the face of summer festivals? You bet it did and it continues to scoop up awards. The Vintage Festival in 2011 took place London at Southbank Centre as part of the 60th Anniversary of The Festival of Britain and in 2012 A Vintage Guild Weekend at The Preston Guild was an uproarious success attracting 175,000 people. In 2013 the Vintage Festival took place in Glasgow and Morecambe and A Vintage New Year at Southbank Centre has become one of the hottest New Years Eve tickets in the UK. October 2013 sees the launch of Vintage presents 'A Classic Car Boot sale'.

The team curated the official party for The Queens Diamond Jubilee in June 2012 in Battersea Park, and it was a right royal knees up.

A range of Vintage branded products were launched in summer 2011 including a Vintage paint range with Crown Paints at Homebase, wallpapers with Graham & Brown, greetings cards with Hallmark murals with SurfaceView, bathroom and kitchenware with Bliss.

2013 saw the team design a permanent installation at the Royal Festival Hall, The Museum of 51 and a temporary exhibition, Beantown to help DC Thomson celebrate the 75th anniversary of their publication The Beano.

HemingwayDesign created the new uniform for all 87,000 UK staff for McDonald's. The first phase of which saw new staff uniforms launched at the 2012 Olympic Site. Currently the fashion team are working on a New Uniform for London Underground. In 2015 around 14,000 Transport for London staff will be wearing this uniform.

Another significant London project is the specification of the interiors of Get Living London’s project turning the Olympic Athletes Village into a new London residential district 'East Village'.

2014 will see the launch of more interior and furniture ranges as well as the team embarking on heading up the design for the creation of the world’s first amusement park for thrilling historic rides, Dreamland in Margate.

HemingwayDesign also own educational design resource "The Land of Lost Content" which is a world first and has to be seen to be believed www.edu.lolc.co.uk. Keep a look out for a range of LOLC products including with www.surfaceview.co.uk. It's all based on the Land of Lost Content museum in Shropshire which The Hemingway's co own with renowned collector Stella Mitchell www.lolc.org.uk

E: info@hemingwaydesign.co.uk
T: 02089031074